Controlling your comfort

Waterbed Bladders

A bladder holds the water and may contain baffling material to inhibit any wave action of the water as you move around on the bed.

Earlier waterbeds from the 70s and 80s tended to not have any baffling material, so were unsteady, and required hard-sided frames which were often less-desirable and harder to get in and out of.

However modern soft-sided waterbeds are typically baffled so that the water moves very little, and the mattress does not require hard-sides. You can choose the level of baffling to match your comfort levels.

At the maximum baffling we sell, the wave action when you move around is virtually negated, but the 100% support you get from the water is not affected, and the bed feels quite similar to a normal sprung mattress. The level of baffling is determined by the number of baffle ‘layers’ that are present in the bladder.

We offer customers a choice of bladders containing 3, 4 or 5 layers of baffles. We also offer the option of zero baffle bladders for those who prefer than level of free movement.

The bladders we sell are a mixture of imported and locally-made, and we always endeavour to sell you the best quality bladders available at the time.