Colin - Mr Waterbed


In 1982 Colin ruptured a disk in his lower back. When, after many weeks of treatment, it hadn’t healed, he was advised by his specialist to have surgery which involved the removal of a disk and the fusing together of two vertebrae. The surgery was successful in the short term but over time his back deteriorated and the pain he had been previously suffering once again became a part of his everyday life.

In 2002 Colin aggravated his back and once again, the pain became so bad that he was again referred to a specialist. He was told by the orthopaedic surgeon reviewing his CT scan that his original surgery needed to be redone and that the next vertebrae down now needed to be fused with the other two. He recommended Colin wait as long as possible before having the surgery, as his back would be permanently stiff once it was done.

Over the next six years, Colin’s back continued to deteriorate. Every night his back pain would force him out of bed after about seven hours. Sleeping on his right side caused his back to be more painful than in other positions to the point where he couldn’t sleep in that position for more than an hour at a time… and all the time he was sleeping on a ‘top of the line’ Posturepedic bed.

By chance, in 2008 an opportunity presented itself for Colin to purchase the Mr Waterbed business. It was then that he discovered the modern Softsided Waterbed and decided to try one for himself. Over the following few weeks Colin was amazed at the pain relief and comfort he got from sleeping on the waterbed, and, over the next two years, the pain and discomfort he had when sleeping on his right side decreased until it was no longer an issue.

Needless to say, Colin is still on his modern Softsided Waterbed, his back continues to love the support it gets, and - best of all - his back still hasn’t needed the second lot of surgery that was recommended back in 2002.

Colin cannot believe how much this waterbed has improved his “Quality of Life”

Softside Waterbeds are brilliant

Unlike the old wood framed monsters of the 80’s, the softside waterbed looks exactly like a normal bed. There are no hard edges, you can roll out of it exactly like your normal bed. The water doesn’t move freely, material inside the bladder gives you a customizable level of motion, so we won’t lose you overboard.

Have a look at this short video which shows a waterbed similar to ours for an idea.