A Better kind of support

Back pain is a very common, but serious problem that will affect almost every adult at some point in their lives. Waterbeds can aid to alleviate the stress on the back by removing the pressure points placed on the back by an innerspring mattress.

Pressure points

A waterbed assures that every part of the body is evenly supported and the body weight is equally distributed because the bladder is fluid and moves where needed for support. There are no more pressure points causing problem areas. When you add a heater to the waterbed, the body is able to relax more easily and circulation increases to aid in rejuvenating the problem areas.

Arthritis can occur at any stage in a person’s life. Most likely, it is one of those diseases that you will get if you live long enough. For individuals over the age of 50, medical studies show that 97% show some arthritic condition on x-ray. Waterbeds are the perfect sleeping solution for the arthritic condition. The equal distribution of body weight will reduce pressure on any major joints that are inflamed or affected by many forms of arthritis.

Also, heaters warm the waterbeds and aid in the blood circulation which promotes the healing process and reduces pain. You will wake in the morning feeling more refreshed from increased circulation and less pain, unlike most arthritics who find mornings to be their worst part of the day from improper sleep support, immobility, and other factors.